Mimi & Lisa return at Christmas to talk blindness to children

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The animated series Mimi & Lisa returns to talk blindness to children and prove to them that anything can happen with their eyes closed! The two heroines, indoors from November 21, 2018, offer children other ways to see the world.

Two years. This is the time it took to find Mimi & Lisa, the two characters in the eponymous series, dealing with blindness. Aimed at children, this cartoon returns to theaters November 21, 2018 with Christmas Lights , a program of four short films to watch from five years!

The prism of the handicap

Shy and blind, Mimi perceives the world differently through her other senses. Lisa, her surly neighbor, is always ready to laugh and provoke funny situations. Together, the two little girls will live, with a little advance, the magic of Christmas with the imagination for only border. Always at the helm of the production, Katarína Kerekesová is surrounded by Ivana Šebestová, another Slovakian director, who knows the world of childhood well.

A desire to share

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Their desire is above all to make an impression: ” As mothers, we want to show our children what our society has to offer. We want to share with them our passions , explain the two directors. Their world is built with their experiences and the images on which they look. In order to participate in this construction, we wanted to bring new momentum and new ideas . “. The program awakens the senses even in the youngest and alert on everything we do not see. The two girls open the way to a world of sensations, in all simplicity: ” Through the adventures of Mimi & Lisa, we want to show that the imagination is stronger than anything and this despite the handicap “.

Christmas and its values

” This new program always feeds on the values ​​of life, focusing mainly on the more traditional Christmas ones , continue Katarína and Ivana. In one of the short films, the two girls take a trip back in time to meet their neighbors in the age of innocence. This immersion in the past helps to highlight the power and influence of our memories on our lives. “. The film will premiere on Sunday, November 18 at 11 am during an exceptional session at the Palais du Cinema in Paris, then in some rooms of Lyon, Grenoble, Amiens or Marseille from 21 November 2018.


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