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How can I find a free checking account for freelancers and self-employed? The answer is: “The current account for self-employed raises questions again and again, because who wants to profit, pays attention to low costs and little effort. This also includes the choice of the right account, because the daily processing of the finances is made much easier or more difficult by the use of the right or the wrong checking account or business account. Therefore, the question arises as to which account and which provider is the most suitable for freelancers and the self-employed. In principle, you can choose between a checking account for freelancers and self-employed and the classic company account that you can open with the bank.

Current account for the self-employed – Comparison 2018

Current account for the self-employed - Comparison 2018

As a self-employed person, you always need a checking account for the self-employed if you run your business in company form. If you are planning to set up a business and are looking for a checking account for the self-employed, our special comparison for a checking account for the self-employed and the following information will help you.

The checking account for self-employed may be much more than a conventional checking account if requested. If necessary, the functions of the business accounts go far beyond those of a regular current account. Unlike a household home savings account, a self-employed checking account is not available free of charge in most countries.

This is justified by the credit institutions that self-employed have a larger booking volume than private individuals. In the case of a private company, a current ID or passport with a confirmation of residence will suffice to open an account. Is there a free checking account for self-employed people? For self-employed there are providers who provide a free checking account. Second

The heart of these accounts is a card that also served as an account.

The heart of these accounts is a card that also served as an account.

However, the possibility that they are credit accounts and prepaid credit cards could dissuade one or the other self-employed. Even for self-employed people, many banks have different account models, depending on company size, turnover and number of applications.

The fixed part of this current account is the so-called MasterCard, the successor to the debit card. It is used for non-paying, printing account statements and withdrawing money. Many banks also offer self-service cards in connection with a self-checking account. For larger companies this is possible in the appearance. Even with cashless payments, it comes with a checking account for self-employed to fruition.

Payment with the MASTER Card is possible throughout Germany. In addition, there is the possibility to sell cash at the cash dispenser of the corresponding banking group free of charge. If a card is part of the self-employed checking account, the cardholder can pay free of charge within the Federal Republic of Germany. The money spent on cash dispensers is usually chargeable. In fact, the card is accepted from all sides.

The withdrawal of cash from cash dispensers in the euro area is dependent on the National Bank. This applies to both the Master Card and the credit cards. It does not matter whether the account owner pays with the card or with a card outside the USD zone. In any case, Yernby charges a fee of up to two percentage points for currency conversion in US.

The same applies to cash withdrawals at cash dispensers. There is, as already said, a significant contrast between a checking account for self-employed and a private giro account. Depending on the degree of integration, an optional account management fee increasingly takes a back seat. Because depending on the degree of integration, it comes to the fore. For a self-employed checking account, benefits and expenses are at a different level than a private account.

If there is no integration with accounting, the number of exemptions per month is as important as the cost of a corporate credit card. In determining the current account for the self-employed, the following points are taken into account in essentials: Do you need an interface for integration into your own accounting system?


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