Car loan online – save as a cash payer in the car dealership.

Would you like to take your car loan online this time? Already well prepared, then simply use the credit comparison and apply for the optimal financing.

Or are you planning a longer term? All important information about the online car loan can be found as a compact text.

Starting with why debt financing brings benefits. Also, how banks judge the loan request.

Moreover, which loan offers are possible in difficult cases.

Online financed car purchase – fast informed

  • Direct banks almost always offer the cheapest interest
  • On top of that makes you the “debt financing” to the cash payer
  • Request your personal loan offer today
  • Apply for this – for you without obligation – your car loan in comparison

Car loan online – advantageous?

Car loan online - advantageous?

Well, the press writes a lot when the day is long. It always means taking out car loan online and saving.

Car loan online – save as a cash payer in the car dealership

But, where is the real benefit. In pure interest rate comparison when buying a new vehicle but probably not.

Cheaper than interest-free on the car dealer, no direct bank is likely to offer their credit. True, with the pure interest rate comparison, just done quickly online, car buyers are not moving forward.

It is important what the entire vehicle purchase costs the bottom line. So purchase price, financing costs less cash discount.

But it should be clear, for the interest-free financing from the dealership someone pays. Money from a bank, “borrowed for money”, is only available in advertising so far.

In reality, the dealership and the manufacturer shoot up interest rates. They do not do that without saving money elsewhere.

The dealership reduces the range of possible discounts.

Cash discount – how much is possible?

Cash discount - how much is possible?

A cash paid vehicle is definitely sold permanently. Neither the dealership and the manufacturer have to worry about the possible return.

Investing in interest-free financing offers money. Thus, the door is open, to show generous at the cash discount.

Where the car buyer finally has the money, save or take car loan online, the car dealership can be no matter. Up to 30 percent discount on the list price, depending on the manufacturer and model are possible through debt financing.

In the direct comparison of costs, this is the benefit, due to the manufacturer bank’s interest-free car loan, just “peanuts”. In addition a small sample calculation.

Example calculation – cash payer in the dealership

Example calculation - cash payer in the dealership

15000 USD list price minus 30 percent discount corresponds to 10.500 USD cash price. The fully funded – 84 months for small installments – cost a total of about 1,330 USD interest.

The bottom line is a savings compared to the interest-free financing of 3,170 USD. The objection that there is finally a price reduction for zero-interest financing is justifiable.

Up to 10 percent discount is quite realistic. So 1500 USD we still deduct from the savings.

This still leaves 1,670 USD left over. In a small car probably noticed.

The tendency remains recognizable. The savings volume is clearly gigantic.

Note for skeptics : The 30 percent discount is not out of thin air.

They are – in the form of a gulf – down at the door. 20,000 USD offer price for 13,600 in cash, he drove from the farm. With extra warranty even.

Take out car loan online – how does the bank see it?

Take out car loan online - how does the bank see it?

First of all, anyone who has never taken out credit online, direct banks are just normal banks. You can offer more favorable interest rates through cost savings in sales and process control.

If possible without a lot of staff and also without “golden towers” they offer online credit. It quickly comes when car buyers take their car loan online because the computer makes the loan decision almost alone.

From the perspective of the direct bank, car loan is a comparatively secure lending business. At the same time a real asset secures the credit in addition to the good score of the customer.

Thus, the door is open for a quick credit procedure and favorable interest rates. It makes sense to apply for online credit through one of the market-leading loan comparisons.

The advantage is not only in the offer comparison, but in special conditions. The providers of the leading free comparison calculators negotiate special conditions.

They apply only to the loan application via the comparison.

Car loan with final rate – of course online

Car loan with final rate - of course online

When buying a car, people mainly look at the monthly rate. The regular payment should be as low as possible.

In addition, many do not want to make a down payment. The car should not stay forever, but about every three years may be a “new” or a “new used” in the driveway.

Thus, the final installment loan is the optimal financing. Possible would be the final installment loan on the car dealer, but also online.

By credit comparison, it is Car credit, a brand of Bankate, which grants the final installment credit. The current offer, the “credit-independent” interest rate, is 4.19 percent APR.

Thanks to “Videoident” and Document Upload “you can expect a loan payment in 24 to 48 hours after online application. Car loan online can even happen on this offer on “stock”.

It is possible to apply for the loan today, but to shift the payout as you like. As soon as the right car is found, sign the sales contract, pick up the money and pay in cash.

Car loan for self-employed

Car loan for self-employed

Most self-employed people opt for vehicle leasing. It brings tax benefits and the credit check is easy.

But, after the lease has expired, many are interested in buying the vehicle privately for salvage. Taking the car loan online is not difficult even for the self-employed.

Freelancers, for example, find a low-interest contact person with the ING-DiBa. For example, the vehicle loan would currently be possible for 2.79 percent APR.

For the final installment loan, on the other hand, Car credit would be the right partner for freelancers. The self-employed of other types of employment are unfortunately not offered much by banks.

But, taking out car loan online, of course, is also from private. From the credit comparison of Creditend privatet and Trucredity would be suitable contact persons.

The credit premium is expected to be cheaper. The process is handled by Execubank. After 2/3 example – according to PAngV – the current annual percentage rate is 7.85 percent.

Car loan despite Credit Bureau – applied for online

Car loan despite Credit Bureau - applied for online

Most looking for a car loan despite Credit Bureau turn to intermediaries. It is possible to borrow car loans online, despite Credit Bureau directly from the credit comparison possible.

It is the offer of Von Eifel Bank – the extra loan. The bank is considered one of the most experienced and largest providers of credit despite Credit Bureau in Germany.

Only to advertise directly avoids them. According to PAngV, the online car loan would currently be available at 9.12 percent APR.

The extremely flexible running time ensures small rates. From 12 to 144 months, the applicant may choose.

An alternative to bank credit despite Credit Bureau would be again the already mentioned credit from private. Just take the car loan online at Trucredit.


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