A new space dedicated to blind people in Paris

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A first in Paris! The Valentin Haüy Association opens a space to make life easier for blind and visually impaired people. This SAVS offers them solutions on a daily basis. Inauguration on November 26 and open day on the 27th.

To live, quite simply, for a blind or visually impaired person, it’s a real fight! How to feed, move, shop, maintain your living space, get information, learn a trade, find work, do paperwork, get distracted, learn, play sports when you’re blind or visually impaired? It can not be improvised! It is necessary to acquire know-how to ensure these gestures of everyday life, to learn to live with a visual handicap.

Professionals listening

Developing one’s daily autonomy is one of the priorities of the Valentin Haüy Association. It has therefore created a structure: the Social Support Service for the Visually Impaired (DVS SAVS). A first in Paris! This offer offers beneficiaries a real tailor-made accompaniment led by professionals: social worker, social and family economics consultant, psychologist, locomotion instructor, life-skills trainer, braille trainer, adapted computer trainer.

On MDPH orientation

This SAVS DV is intended primarily for Parisians who have been living in Paris for more than 3 months and who are visually impaired with or without associated disability (s), living at home and aged between 20 and 60 years old. The care is delivered by the Departmental House of Disabled People (MDPH) of Paris. Registration requests are sent either to the Paris MDPH or directly to the DVS SAVS headquarters. The structure, located at 3 rue Jacquier, in the 14th, offers 35 seats.

Assistance in all areas

For Bernard Serre, project manager to the secretary general of the AVH, who became accidentally blind at 20, “I know how much rehabilitation has helped me to find the necessary skills to lead a normal life and a professional career. It was necessary to create a functional rehabilitation service for the recently blind, and above all, a personalized reception place in all areas of social and professional integration. Today, it is done with this SAVS DV Parisian.

Open House on November 27

This SAVS is inaugurated, within the framework of the Extraordinary Month organized by the City of Paris, Monday, November 26, and is open to the public on November 27 for a unique visit, in situation, especially through a blindfolded journey, an initiation Braille, cooking and DIY workshops, and visiting a tactile exhibition. This day? the blind “is held from 9h to 17h (free admission).


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